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Philips Respironics recently announced the discontinuation of select respiratory products from its portfolio in the United States and its territories. Within the list of 19 products are SimplyGo, SimplyGo Mini, and Everflo oxygen concentrators.

Effective January 25, 2024, Philips Respironics ceased the sale of their POCs, with End of Service slated for January 25, 2029. Concerns have arisen among home care providers reliant on these essential medical devices. However, we, at GCE, wish to offer reassurance and a viable solution.

GCE Healthcare presents the Zen-O and Zen-O lite POCs to seamlessly address the needs of those previously reliant on Philips' offerings. Our Zen-O POC features both continuous and pulse flow technologies, delivering up to 2 liters of oxygen per minute, while the Zen-O lite stands as an ultra-lightweight and whisper-quiet option that is FAA-approved for in-flight usage.

In line with this commitment, we're also planning to introduce the M50 5-liter stationary concentrator to our valued US customers in the second quarter of 2024.

With a longstanding commitment to safety and efficiency in manufacturing medical gas control equipment, GCE has earned a reputation for reliability. Our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures top-notch support and tailored products.

As part of the ESAB family, a global leader in welding and cutting equipment manufacturing, GCE is backed by extensive resources that guarantee steadfast support and service.

GCE has established a strong presence in the US market through strategic acquisitions, this includes leveraging Ohio Medical’s market leading position as a medical device manufacturer in suction and oxygen therapy. This demonstrates our readiness to serve our American customers with confidence.

Home care providers can trust GCE to deliver reliable alternatives to Philips Respironics' discontinued portable oxygen concentrators. With a proven track record of quality and safety, along with financial stability and a solid presence in the US market, we stand out as a dependable partner for home care needs.

If you want to learn more about GCE or have a product enquiry, please visit this page.

The ERS International Congress 2023, a prestigious event in the field of respiratory medicine, is scheduled to take place from September 10 to September 12 at MiCo Milano Convention Centre, Italy.

The ERS International Congress is one of the most significant gatherings of respiratory professionals, researchers, and industry experts worldwide. The event provides a platform for participants to share knowledge, insights, and the latest advancements in respiratory medicine and healthcare technologies.

The participation of GCE Healthcare in The ERS International Congress 2023 underscores their dedication to advancing respiratory medicine and supporting collaboration with medical professionals. By leveraging innovative technologies and scientific expertise, GCE Healthcare strives to address the pressing challenges in respiratory healthcare and contribute to improved patient care globally.

Respiratory professionals, researchers, and attendees at The ERS International Congress 2023 are invited to visit GCE Healthcare's booth, (F06, Hall 3) and explore their state-of-the-art oxygen concentrators and "Clarity", a revolutionary remote monitoring service for Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite™ devices.

GCE Healthcare recently conducted a successful training session on maintaining and servicing products from the Central Medical Gas Distribution range (MCGS).

The two-day session, held on June 14 and 15, in Malmo, gathered customers from various countries who displayed dedication and commitment to continuous learning.

The training session concluded with participants being awarded their GCE service technician certificates for the MCGS range. This accomplishment reflects their expertise and ensures the delivery of exceptional service to valued customers.

We would like to gratitude to all participants for their active engagement, which further strengthens the company's mission of providing outstanding service and expertise in the industry.

The next training session is scheduled for September 26-27 in GCE s.r.o, Chotěboř


Our product lines are just as impressive as our global reach, with solutions expanding from basic pressure regulators to complex gas supply systems across all applications. Our brands are leaders in the field of gas control and are involved in the development and manufacturing of all types of equipment for pressure and flow control of high-pressure gases.

We have manufacturing and sales around the world and can address global engineering and safety standards for gas equipment. Our medical products meet all global registration requirements.

We maintain a global quality management system and ensure that our products comply with applicable quality and regulatory standards, such as the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (soon to be MDR), ISO 13485 and more.

Our warehouses in the United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, North America, and India hold stock of our different products ensuring that we can respond quickly to the demands of our customers.


Recently, our Gas Control Business as part of ESAB Corporation, acquired Ohio Medical and Therapy Equipment to complement the existing portfolio with GCE Healthcare. These two leaders in their respective fields provide an expanded product offering to our customers globally. The acquisitions strengthen our ability to provide end-to-end gas control equipment from a single source. Simplifying the supply chain and improving patient care for the Healthcare sector worldwide.

“We are excited to welcome both Ohio Medical and Therapy Equipment into our gas control portfolio, capitalizing on innovation for healthcare providers and patients around the world,” said Piyush Sheth, Vice President and General Manager, Gas Control Business. “Together with GCE, Ohio Medical, and Therapy Equipment, we have an unmatched global healthcare offering, driving consistency across the industry.”


GCE Healthcare, Ohio Medical and Therapy Equipment are leading providers of gas equipment and medical device solutions for the healthcare sector worldwide.

We offer a range of competitive and industry leading solutions to meet the exacting needs of our global customer base.


GCE’s main business originally focused in the oxyacetylene cutting and welding market. However, with almost 100 years of experience in the handling of high-pressure gases, the product range has now grown to include high purity and medical gas equipment.


Ohio Medical is a global leader of medical air and vacuum pumping systems and medical suction and oxygen therapy devices. Ohio Medical operates in a registered FDA regulated medical device manufacturing facility, in Gurnee, Illinois and complies with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 standards. All Ohio Medical medgas products are produced to comply with NFPA 99 standards. With a dedicated team of industry experts, Ohio Medical takes great pride in providing our customers with high quality, innovative solutions to meet the challenges of today’s healthcare demands.


Founded in 1983, Therapy Equipment Ltd. is a regional leader in the medical gas control market for suction and oxygen therapies across the United Kingdom. Their portfolio includes trusted suction equipment, flowmeters, and medical regulators used in healthcare facilities across the region. The product lines are UKCA and CE marked, and the business is ISO 13485:2016 certified. For further information on both the Ohio and Therapy Equipment product ranges, please contact the local sales region.

For more information please take a look at our dedicated page for Suction Oxygen Therapy.

Have you seen our newest AVSU for HTM market?

GCE Healthcare manufacture and supplies gas equipment used all over the world that meets quality standards and the specific needs of a market. The newest AVSU HTM version is an ideal choice for central gas supply systems for its safe design, easy installation, and customized to suit individual requirements Check out our latest animation to find AVSU´s features and options as:

• Supplying up to 6 gases

• Emergency access valve cover

• Doors locks and more

Download the HTM AVSU brochure to explore the unit's features and technical specifications.
If you'd like to know more or have an immediate enquiry for this product then...

GCE Healthcare


Medical high-pressure regulators are the cornerstone of the GCE Healthcare portfolio. Their robust and safe designs meet the most demanding requirements in the healthcare sector.

Robust design

Recent feedback from customers highlighted the need to improve the protection of the gauge. Reports of bending and breakages from impacts in day-to-day use meant regulators needed to be repaired and were out of action. Adding extra costs that no user needs. 

We took this feedback and developed new improvements. These improvements increase the protection of the gauge from bending and breaking. This also protects the regulator from any potential contamination associated with gauge replacement. Making GCE Healthcare high pressure regulators the best choice for quality and reliable gas control equipment.

Improved maintenance

With our new extra robust design, unplanned maintenance of pressure regulators should be a thing of the past. But, the gauge on any medical pressure regulator must be checked regularly to ensure the reliability of the regulator and the accuracy of the gas value readings. During this maintenance or replacement  the risk of contamination increases. Local maintenance departments are not kitted out with the same equipment to clean medical devices completely in the same way manufacturers like GCE are.

So, what can be done to reduce this risk?

With the new u-clip on our medical pressure regulators, you can change the gauge simply and safely whilst reducing the risk of contamination. You don’t need any special tools or intervention to the regulator body.

The best choice

Healthcare professionals need to rely on the equipment they use day in, day out. They need to know it is ready and safe to use at a moments notice. So, choosing a high-quality, low-maintenance solution is really the only option. For more information visit our medical pressure regulators pages.

GCE Healthcare will be exhibiting at MEDTRADE 2023, the largest home medical equipment trade show and conference in the US.

The Trade Fair runs from 28th March to the 30th March.

This is a chance to see some of the most innovative products on the market including the lightest portable oxygen concentrators, from GCE Healthcare.

At our booth 649 we’ll be talking about how oxygen therapy users can still lead active lives, thanks to Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite™ portable oxygen concentrators.

Get more info about MedTrade and follow the events during this tradeshow on our LinkedIn page.

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