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Introducing GCE Healthcare’s most secure AVSU on the HTM market 8 December 2022

The new range of innovative area valve service units (AVSU) from GCE Healthcare offer straightforward installation, use and maintenance. 

Easily installed into all wall mounted configurations, this compact, space saving, modular design is highly visible and simple to use. It is offered with a custom wall-to-ceiling cover panel which provides a flexible set up, customisable to each individual requirement.

Designed to supply up to six gases and compliant with stringent UK Department of Health guidelines, the units are fitted with an integrated alarm and, for added security, an emergency valve is accessed through a unique pull-off cover with its own break tab.

As safety is our paramount concern, all the emergency gas supplies are connected through gas-specific NIST connections and the unit can be securely closed and locked after the gas supply is connected, while still allowing easy access to the ball valves.

To find out more about GCE Healthcare's new AVSU, please visit AVSU HTM 

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