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Invitation to participate in a Usability study for Oxygen Concentrator 20 July 2022

Dear reader,

If you are currently a User of an Oxygen Concentrator and would like to provide us with your valuable feedback, please read below.

The purpose of this Study is to improve the design of devices and their respective instruction Manuals, based on the input of Users in England, UK.

Users will be given one of two portable models (Zen-O™ and Zen-O lite™) to familiarize themselves with, following which we will be asking them to perform certain basic tasks (e.g. turn the device on/off, check the battery level) and to give us their feedback based on a set of questions.

  • We would like to speak to people who use Oxygen Concentrators, but not necessarily portable ones.
  • We plan to have two 1-hour sessions with each User, held in the morning and afternoon of the same day.
  • The User can skip questions or stop altogether at any point during the 2 sessions (for example if they are tired), without having to give a reason.
  • The User will not be asked to inhale oxygen from the sample device.
  • Though information such as name and age will be documented on the day, all confidential information will be removed when the Study data will be analysed.
  • The amount of £75 will be given to each User, in cash or vouchers, to recompense them for their time.

Since the findings of this Study will be utilized as input to the future designs of Oxygen Concentrators, we are keen to understand the Users' perspective.

If you would like to participate with a view to support us in continuously improving the quality of care, please contact:

Callum Kenny
Technical Filling Specialist

Tel: +44 (0)1942 292 978

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