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MEDIGARD DUPLEX PNP100 HTM Gas Manifold: The Foundation for A Safe and Reliable Medical Gas Supply System 11 April 2024

GCE Healthcare takes a significant stride towards enhancing patient safety in healthcare facilities with the groundbreaking PNP100 HTM Gas Manifold. This innovative solution with an automatic changeover feature ensures an uninterrupted flow of medical gas to patients. In addition, the fail-safe solenoid valves guarantee continuous operation even during power outages, solidifying its reliability.

With a robust design, the gas manifold delivers an efficient high flow rate of up to 100 m3/h at 4 Bar, catering to diverse medical requirements. The 2-stage pressure regulator guarantees a consistent and stable delivery pressure.

Designed with utmost convenience in mind, the PNP100 HTM Gas Manifold features an intuitive interactive touchscreen alarm, ensuring effortless usability. Its compact, modern design not only effortlessly blends into any environment but also provides convenient access for maintenance tasks without complications. The inclusion of a dual bracket system and integrated test points simplifies the installation process, making it a straightforward and user-friendly experience.

The PNP100 HTM Gas Manifold complies with the stringent requirements of HTM 02-01/2022, reflecting GCE Healthcare's commitment to meeting the highest standards in medical gas supply systems.

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