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Medical high-pressure regulators are the cornerstone of the GCE Healthcare portfolio. Their robust and safe designs meet the most demanding requirements in the healthcare sector.

Robust design

Recent feedback from customers highlighted the need to improve the protection of the gauge. Reports of bending and breakages from impacts in day-to-day use meant regulators needed to be repaired and were out of action. Adding extra costs that no user needs. 

We took this feedback and developed new improvements. These improvements increase the protection of the gauge from bending and breaking. This also protects the regulator from any potential contamination associated with gauge replacement. Making GCE Healthcare high pressure regulators the best choice for quality and reliable gas control equipment.

Improved maintenance

With our new extra robust design, unplanned maintenance of pressure regulators should be a thing of the past. But, the gauge on any medical pressure regulator must be checked regularly to ensure the reliability of the regulator and the accuracy of the gas value readings. During this maintenance or replacement  the risk of contamination increases. Local maintenance departments are not kitted out with the same equipment to clean medical devices completely in the same way manufacturers like GCE are.

So, what can be done to reduce this risk?

With the new u-clip on our medical pressure regulators, you can change the gauge simply and safely whilst reducing the risk of contamination. You don’t need any special tools or intervention to the regulator body.

The best choice

Healthcare professionals need to rely on the equipment they use day in, day out. They need to know it is ready and safe to use at a moments notice. So, choosing a high-quality, low-maintenance solution is really the only option. For more information visit our medical pressure regulators pages.

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