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Bed Head Units

Bed head units are primarily needed in patient rooms in medical facilities

Technical Overview

Depending on their purpose, these units are equipped with medical gas outlets, high voltage and low voltage distribution of electricity, media sockets etc. Next to standard units GCE Healthcare is able to provide customized solutions regarding design and shape to meet the special demands for delivery rooms, recovery rooms and intensive care units.
Part of the bed head units may be direct, indirect or night lighting, with fluorescent lams of LED technology
They have a characteristic and ergonomic design that has proven itself for over more than 45 years now in medical facilities all over the world
The design can be customized to meet the overall appearance of the interior, architectural requirements and to the desires of the health care personnel
The materials used in the bed head units are designed to endure intense use and harsh conditions that can often be found in medical fields
The bed head units and available accessories are built to last and fit for the job


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