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The origins of GCE (Gas Control Equipment) go back to the start of
the 20th century when Gas Welding was first invented.

Our History

The GCE group was formed as an independent company in 1987 through the merging of two of the world’s leading gas and welding companies into one independent unit.

GCE has grown rapidly since its establishment and is leading the restructuring of the European gas equipment industry through mergers and acquisitions. Through its extensive research and development programs GCE has set standards that have become the benchmark for the whole industry.
GCE is there for you in times of every medical need. We are an internationally trusted brand with a global presence operating manufacturing facilities in Czech Republic, United Kingdom and China.

Backed by our local network of offices, we are renowned for the supply of high-quality, safe and reliable medical gas solutions and devices. Our equipment is designed, manufactured and delivered to the highest standards and comply with the latest quality and regulatory standards.

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