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Training programmes

GCE is a leader in its field and is uniquely positioned to deliver comprehensive training programmes to healthcare personnel using our medical devices. The training programmes are insightful and designed to enable participants learn at their own pace, the modules include;

  • Safe handling and management of the medical devices
  • Maintenance, Service and Repair
  • Medical gases
  • Special applications
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Repair & maintenance records feedback

GCE gas products are designed, produced, used & eventually repaired under CE Marking or medical MDD Directive (when applicable).
Any repair & maintenance on GCE product must be recorded.
These record sheets have to be sent via email to (for Medical products)
The record sheet template provided during the GCE training should be used and it should include at a minimum:

  • Serial number or batch number
  • What was done, by who & when

By repairing or maintaining any GCE product and submitting this form, you agree to the following:

  • that only GCE Authorized Personals with valid certificate, perform repairs or maintenances on products which they were validated for
  • to follow at all times GCE Instructions For Maintenance (IFM) or GCE special written instructions
  • to contact GCE local coordinator or trainer for any question, for latest documents or under special circumstances:

  • to use only GCE original spare parts
  • on top of GCE Instructions, to be responsible to apply any local applicable regulations (in particular but not limited to: labor and safety regulations, informing and training your own customers...)
  • as a CE Marking mandatory feedback & to insure GCE warranty when applicable, to provide GCE a record sheet of all repairs & maintenance, using the agreed format document
  • to keep an own copy of this record during 10 years

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