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From a report of the 13th of March 2020 WHO (World Health Organisation) states that most people with COVID-19 develop a only mild or uncomplicated illness, approximately 14% will develop a severe disease that requires hospitalization and oxygen support, and 5% will require admission to an intensive care unit. This means for GCE Healthcare that the demand of our medical gas handling products is increasing significantly. 

To meet the increasing demand of our various medical gas controlling products, GCE Healthcare will temporarily increase the production capacity of Medical Regulators, Flowmeters, Portable Oxygen Concentrators and other medical gas handling equipment by in our production facilities in Czech Republic, United Kingdom, China and North America. 

“To meet this increased demand, GCE Healthcare will add extra shifts wherever possible in our production facilities and allocate more resources to support our healthcare systems around the world at this challenging time,” says Mike Galvin, Managing Director, GCE Healthcare. 

Around the world, countries are taking different approaches to minimize the spread of the virus and this has an effect on both supply- and distribution chain. GCE are taking all necessary actions to work closely with our suppliers and partners to safely tackle these challenges together.

To our valued customers we would like to say: Please have patience with us and our processes in this exceptional situation. We focus on getting our products out to the market to the same quality standard as normal, and current challenging circumstances can impact our response time and the lead times of our products.

Mike Galvin: “GCE Healthcare supports the people in need of medical gases during this corona pandemic and I am very proud of our teams around the world doing their utmost to make medical gas equipment available for our customers to help save lives”.

If you would like to discuss any specifics in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service desks or one of our sales representatives.

Following a complete overhaul of its online presence, medical professionals, gas companies and distributors can now enjoy improved access to the latest product information, images, videos and downloads from GCE Healthcare. 

Featuring a cleaner, easier to navigate design, users can now browse the full product suite and supporting information from across the homecare, medical and healthcare portfolio. For specifiers and end users of high quality, high pressure, medical gas solutions, this is a one-stop-shop. 

The website is currently English only, but customers can switch to their local language region via

This upgrade is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure we provide the highest quality service and gas solutions for industry professionals, globally. 

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