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7 Ways MediVital E Oxygen Valve Enhances Patients Lives in Oxygen Therapy 5 December 2023

The lives of patients undergoing oxygen therapy, relying on an O2 cylinder for a continuous supply of oxygen, are often stressful and overwhelming. The ever-present fear of depleting their oxygen source constantly gnaws at the back of their minds, making it difficult to lead a peaceful and fulfilling life. This concern can confine people to their beds, seeking refuge next to an oxygen cylinder for a sense of security.

However, what if there is a solution that could alleviate the stress of the patients and allow them to take back control of their lives? That's exactly what GCE, a trailblazer in healthcare innovation, achieved with its groundbreaking product – MediVital E. In this short read, we will explore how this medical oxygen valve with an integrated pressure regulator can positively transform the lives of patients and their loved ones.

MediVital E Oxygen Valve: Medical Innovation for a Better Life

MediVital E is a Valve with an Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPR), meaning, it doubles as a shut-off valve and a medical oxygen regulator to deliver a steady flow of oxygen consistently. It is designed to work with medical oxygen and air up to 300 bar of pressure. But what truly sets it apart from its counterparts is the crystal-clear LCD display. This compact, monochromatic screen provides the users with a continuous stream of real-time information on critical metrics, such as remaining oxygen levels. Armed with such valuable information, patients can plan their activities and oxygen requirements without hassle.

Benefits of MediVital E

Let's delve into the key features of this oxygen valve regulator and how it can drastically improve the patient's quality of life.

1. Effortless Oxygen Management: Plan Your Days with Confidence

No more second-guessing whether there is enough oxygen left to last through the weekend. The digital gauge on the MediVital E clearly displays how many hours and minutes of oxygen are left in the cylinder. With such clarity, patients can easily plan a short trip to their favorite spots or pay a visit to their families.

2. User-Friendly Oxygen Monitoring: Crystal-Clear Display for Easy Readability

Our oxygen cylinder valve offers a user-friendly experience for elderly patients. Its clear LCD screen shows oxygen provision time remaining in large, easily readable fonts, complemented by brightly colored bar graphs. Elderly users can quickly grasp their oxygen status at a single glance. Furthermore, the digital gauge displays intuitive symbols to notify patients of various statuses, including Bluetooth connectivity, low battery, sleep mode, and more.

3. Visual and Audible Alerts for Instant Oxygen Cylinder Monitoring

One of the major concerns of oxygen cylinder users is the inability to instantly learn about a cylinder malfunction. Our MediVital E oxygen cylinder valve mitigates this risk by providing bright LED and audible sound alerts when the gas pressure drops or the oxygen level reaches critically low. Importantly, any alert or failure mode does not stop the gas flow, ensuring that the patient has ample time to react.

4. Portable Power with MediVital E's Lithium-Ion Battery

MediVital E is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, liberating the patients from the confines of their home's power outlet. With an Ingress Protection Rating of IP55, the users don't have to worry about dust, moisture, and accidental splashes of water, giving them the freedom to enjoy their outing to the fullest with their portable oxygen cylinder.

5. Uninterrupted Oxygen Supply with Deep Sleep Mode

To optimize the battery life, the MediVital E oxygen cylinder valve has a Deep Sleep Mode that gets activated after about 10 hours of inactivity, ensuring it's ready when the patient needs it most.

6. Remote Monitoring with Bluetooth 4.2 Technology

MediVital E's Bluetooth 4.2 technology unlocks a world of possibilities. It seamlessly connects the valve to compatible mobile devices, enabling remote monitoring, status notifications, and access to telehealth services. This feature offers peace of mind not just for the patients but also for their concerned relatives, who can stay updated when they are not nearby.

7. A Long-Lasting Companion for 15 Years of Reliable Oxygen Support

MediVital E has a remarkable 15-year maintenance-free service life and is rigorously tested in compliance with international standards. It's built to last and ensure the patient's safety for years to come.

GCE: Pioneering Healthcare Transformation

At GCE, we are not just making products, but making a difference. MediVital E is more than a device. It's a beacon of hope, offering oxygen therapy patients a renewed chance at a fulfilling and active life. Transform your breathing experience and reclaim the freedom to live life fully! Explore the MediVital E oxygen valve today or contact us to enquire about our product. Don't miss out on a brighter, more active future.

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