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How MediVital E Oxygen Valve Can Assist Healthcare Providers in Delivering Superior Patient Care 12 December 2023

Delivering quality healthcare to patients in oxygen therapy presents multiple challenges for the providers. It is paramount for the nurses and caretakers to ensure patients' well-being, maintain oxygen levels, and prevent interruptions around the clock.

Recognizing these challenges, GCE, the global leader in medical innovation, has developed a simple yet efficient solution that eases the burden of healthcare providers – MediVital E. In this blog post, we'll delve into the common challenges confronted by healthcare professionals and reveal how our innovative oxygen valve with a regulator can help mitigate these issues.

Challenges Faced by Healthcare Providers

1. Ensuring Continuous Oxygen Delivery in Therapy

When dealing with oxygen therapy users, the primary responsibility of healthcare providers is to offer an uninterrupted supply of pure oxygen to the patients. With oxygen cylinders in use, nurses must vigilantly monitor oxygen levels and replace or refill cylinders before they run empty with no room for errors.

2. Performing Routine Oxygen Cylinder Maintenance

Oxygen cylinders can experience malfunctions due to various issues, such as leaks and pressure drops, hose kinks, or misconnections, which can disrupt the oxygen supply. That's why, it is instrumental for healthcare providers to conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure that the cylinders and associated equipment are in optimal condition, guaranteeing an uninterrupted oxygen flow.

3. Meeting Patient Mobility Needs in Oxygen Therapy

Homecare providers must support their patients in maintaining their daily exercise routines without interfering with their therapy. Therefore, providers need portable options to deliver healthcare services effectively without compromising on quality.

4. Tracking and Monitoring Oxygen Consumption

Over- or under-dosage of oxygen can lead to further health complications. Hence, healthcare providers must ensure that patients adhere to their prescribed oxygen regimen. Oxygen suppliers must also collect data on patients' oxygen usage, enabling them to tailor their services to the patient's needs while ensuring compliance with insurance and regulatory requirements.

The question arises: Can a simple solution effectively address these challenges faced by healthcare providers? Absolutely! And the solution is the MediVital E oxygen cylinder valve.

MediVital E

MediVital E is a Valve with Integrated Pressure Regulator (VIPR) that serves as both a shut-off valve and a medical oxygen regulator. It is designed to work with medical oxygen and air at pressures of up to 300 bar. This oxygen cylinder valve incorporates a digital gauge to provide real-time data on vital metrics such as oxygen and pressure levels, facilitating seamless monitoring and efficient patient care.

How MediVital E Help Healthcare Providers?

1. Continuous Live Information

The compact LCD display on the MediVital E valve continuously presents essential information, including the remaining hours and minutes of oxygen supply. This live data helps healthcare professionals plan and organize oxygen cylinders for their patients effectively, eliminating the need for guesswork.

2. Remote Monitoring

Utilizing Bluetooth 4.2 technology, the valve can connect to compatible devices and sync data through monitoring apps. This feature enables healthcare providers to remotely track key metrics and monitor oxygen usage. MediVital E also helps oxygen suppliers obtain helpful insights into patients' oxygen consumption patterns via digital dashboards.

3. Visual and Auditory Alerts

In the event of malfunctions or low oxygen levels, MediVital E generates audible alarms and bright LED signals to alert healthcare professionals promptly. These warnings help healthcare assistants to quickly address and resolve the issue before it gets critical. Furthermore, any alert or failure mode does not stop the gas flow, ensuring that patient care remains uninterrupted.

4. Battery-Powered Portability

The MediVital E cylinder valve operates on a Lithium-Ion battery, eliminating the need for a wall power source. This freedom allows the portable cylinder tank to be used both inside and outside the house or hospital without being restricted by cords. The digital gauge also displays battery status, allowing nurses to plan.

5. Deep Sleep Mode

To conserve battery life, the MediVital E oxygen valve features a battery-saving Deep Sleep Mode that activates after 10 hours of inactivity.

6. Robust Design

Designed for durability, MediVital E ensures a 15-year maintenance-free service life. Its IP55-rated construction offers protection from dust and water, ensuring peace of mind for both patients and providers.

7. Regulatory Standards

MediVital E has been rigorously tested in accordance with various industry standards, including EN ISO 10524-3, ASTM G175 Pill test, and EN ISO 10297. It is CE marked CE 2460 in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC and TPED 2010/35/EU.

GCE: A Reliable Partner for Healthcare Providers

With years of expertise and an unwavering commitment to solving the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, GCE stands as a reliable partner ready to assist in transforming the healthcare industry. Our understanding of the pain points you encounter every day has driven us to create a remarkable solution in the form of MediVital E. Elevate your healthcare practice with innovative solutions. Visit our website for more information or secure your MediVital E now to experience a new era in healthcare excellence!

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