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GCE Healthcare Introduces Innovative Lockable Line Valve for Enhanced Medical Gas Safety 28 February 2024

In an effort towards advancing medical gas safety, GCE Healthcare is pleased to unveil the Lockable Line Valve, a progressive solution designed for both new and existing systems. This full-bore valve, featuring a flat-faced O-ring sealing surface and an integrated locking mechanism, guarantees exceptional flow characteristics and 100% leak tightness.

When it comes to installation, our commitment to simplicity shines through. The high-quality 1/4 turn ball valve can be effortlessly mounted directly into medical or laboratory pipelines using copper tailpipes, ensuring a swift and trouble-free setup.

Our dedication to meeting and exceeding industry standards is unwavering. The Lockable Line Valve meets the requirements of ISO EN 7396-1:2016, HTM 02 & C11, and complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC, underscoring GCE Healthcare's commitment to unparalleled quality.

Available in sizes ranging from 15mm to 108mm, our valve caters to a spectrum of medical gas system specifications, providing versatility to meet diverse needs.

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