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The Duplex PNP50 is a two stage manifold, with a integrated third source entry point for LOX, Compressor or 3rd back-up source.


The Duplex medical manifold is intended for use in hospital pipeline systems as a medical gas source.

The manifold reduces the gas pressure in 2 steps to a constant distribution pressure.

Included with the manifold is a brand new innovative touch screen alarm, which will show all 3 sources on the alarm screen.

  • One panel for managing all 3 gas sources 
  • Available for 300 bar, 200 bar or 150 bar cylinders 
  • Suitable for all medical gases 
  • Fully automatic changeover system 
  • Touchscreen alarm 
  • Integrated communication protocols MODBUS TCP/IP and RS485 RTU 
  • Optional Position control on outlet Shut-off valve 
  • All sources monitored by the integrated alarm 
  • Optional terminal unit test point 
  • LOX, Compressor or 3rd cylinder source connection port 
  • New pneumatic side switchover 
  • Visual indication in Alarm for active source 
  • Monitoring leakage on non-active source (leaking reserve side) 
  • Service and maintenance can be performed during manifold operation ( no gas supply interruption ) 
  • Easy installation due to preinstalled back plate


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