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Technical Overview

The GASMASTER is an electronic device that has been developed as a concentrator of medical gas alarm network. The GASMASTER can manage up to 30 devices connected by a twisted shielded cable using the MODBUS protocol. The configuration can be easily modified using the integrated touch monitor, each input of each device can be configured in all their parameters (names, LEDs, sound signals, modbus address, relays ...).
The GASMASTER has also been designed to be integrated into a BMS (Building Management System) system for monitoring its status and any alarms present. For this purpose, using the RJ45 socket and connecting an Ethernet cable, is possible to interrogate the GASMASTER using the MODBUS TCP/IP protocol.
The GASMASTER is also equipped with 2 relays which can be activated and configured, also for the purpose of reporting the status of the GAS MASTER to an appropriately configured remote station.
The GASMASTER is also equipped with a back-up battery able to support its functioning in case the main electric network ceases to supply current. The duration of this battery is limited to few hours.
The absence of current condition is however interpreted by the GASMASTER as an alarm condition, the sound system will then operate and will cease once the main current source has been restored.
When switched on, the system loads the stored configuration and performs a first cycle to check the communication and the status of the peripherals. Once completed, the system shows the peripherals connected.
Clicking on the desired peripheral button is possible to check the status of the same. When one of the peripherals gives an alarm or when it is no longer reachable via MODBUS connection cable, on the main page of the GASMASTER are shown the name of the device and which input is in alarm. If several alarms or more inputs are alarmed simultaneously, the name of the alarms and peripherals will appear sequentially.
To enter the configuration menu, press the corresponding button on the main screen and enter the password. (default:"000000”).
The connection of the peripheral devices via Modbus cable must be carried out following the diagram in the figure below and following the communication parameters summarized in table 1. The peripherals must be connected in a cascade mode one after the other, keeping the correct polarity of the cables and using a cable suitable for RS485 communication. The maximum distance that can be reached in optimal conditions for Modbus communication at 9600 baud is 1200m, but, due to interferences, it is suggested to reduce as much as possible this distance.


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