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Medical Pendants

Technical Overview

Medical ceiling pendants are crucial equipment in the operating rooms and ICUs. They are designed to allow an easy access to medical gases, electrical and data sockets and other desired connections. Thanks to a great number of configurations medical devices can be positioned in a user-friendly and ergonomic way. At GCE we understand modern ORs are multifunctional cross-disciplinary rooms and we offer ceiling units that improve efficiency and provide the best care of the patients.
Spring arms are used with horizontal service heads in anesthesia pendants and give strong performance and maximum freedom of movement. Anesthesia machine can be positioned directly beneath the service head what streamlines anaesthesiologists workflow. Heavy arms for heavy loads coming with electromagnetic braking system 'e-brake' ensure heavy equipment as laparoscopes, arthroscope is easily accessible for surgeons. The same way these types of arms enable better organization of surgeons workspace and efficient workflows at the same time.


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